Supravox distributor for the BeNeLux

End of 2018

Became distributor of Supravox products for the BeNeLux. The French audio brand produces high quality wooden designed speakers and an amplifier.

Rogoz Audio distributor

May 2019

Became distributor of Rogoz Audio. The Polish company produces high quality audio racks and stands fully tailored in size and color to your needs.

Manley Lab distributor

End 2019

Became distributor of Manley Lab. The well-known American company produces high-end tube amplifiers with unique designs making them a truly unique brand.

Supravox Vouvray hybrid amplifier

May 2020

Fresh from the hand-crafting production line of Supravox: the hybride amp Supravox Vouvray. The amp produces a strong 2×70 watts and delivers a very pure and smooth sound for it’s price.

A Tube Hifi Import is now proud distributor for Western Electric in the BeNeLux

Start of 2021

Big news! We are proud to say that A Tube Hifi Import is the authorized distributor for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The classic brand that has been the original creator of the 300B tube is producing top-of-the-line tube amps and other hifi products.

We now distribute omnidirectional German Physiks speakers

Start of 2021

Added to our portfolio is German Physiks. The (obviously) German company is market-leader in the production of omni-directional speakers. We are truly impressed by the new life that these speakers breathe in to our music collection. Experience music like never before.
Melody Hifi

Melody Hifi added to our tube amp line-up

Start of 2021

Melody Hifi is an Australian brand that produces ultra high-fidelity tube amps for a great price. Characterized by their silver and wooden simplicity you are quickly drawn to the warm sound that the tubes in this amp provide. Melody produces amps in all price ranges. We have something for the starting music aficionado to the ultra audiophile.